an update in September

as usual.. I really really lazy to write in this blog. I dunno why. maybe I should change the blog theme (Rebuilding Indonesia) it’s sound very serious… since many of my post not too serious content. maybe bacause I’am a moody person.. so I write the post based on my mood.

in this september, many things happen in my life.

I started working as a Project Manager.
working on a big project that handle almost 50.000 users. but the product is not launched yet.

Release my first startup (
in the first september, rurupa is a sms service that allow you to send sms from website to any number and any provider in the world using masking sender number. in the beginning it’s look promising.. when I just posted the link in my facebook and twitter page. it’s start with 40 users.. and 300 sms sent within a week. and continue growing within for the next 3 weeks. to 100 people and 1000 sms sent. without any marketing work.
but later… when I checked every SMS that sent by users.. 20% of sent sms is a scam. I realized this is a issue that need to be fixed. so I decided adding label “via” for every sms that user sent and create a premium feature that remove “via” when user sent sms. but it’s not good.. people didn’t wanna pay for that. and the users growth stuck in 100… I try to advertise it in facebook within a week. it’s only add 12 person to the app it self and 700 likes on Rurupa Facebook page. after almost 5 weeks. I decided to stop the service and think a good bussines approach. service change
The SMS service stop. while I remodelling the bussines for that, I change  into a tech news with local language (bahasa indonesia) I hire a friend to be content writer. the content it self I translated from many tech, startup website such as Techcrunch, Mashable, LifeHack, and others.

Last.. I’ve a dream that I own a company with a good income. that contribute to the community and this country.

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